Sportsbook Bonuses

Compilation of the latest sportsbook bonus offers.

The sign-up offer is something unique to the online sportsbooks, you won’t find any traditional Vegas sportsbook offering you free money just for entering the place for the first time and placing a bet. Today every reputable offshore sportsbook will offer the US players a bonus – certain amount of free money to be wagered on anything you like and we have listed the biggest sportsbook bonuses and sign-up offers below.

As you can see from the list of sportsbook bonuses above, some of the sign-up offers are quite large. But before you jump in to take advantage of the bonuses, let’s talk about them some more. As you may have expected, there is a “catch”.

The Sportsbook Bonus explained: When considering a sportsbook bonus, keep in mind that they all come with terms and conditions which must be met by the player, before they can withdraw their winnings. You can’t just sign up, deposit, get the bonus and withdraw the money. All bonuses will come with something referred to in the online gambling industry as “rollover” – a number which specifies how many times you must roll over the bonus before you can withdraw. Or to put it simpler – how many times you have to wager the bonus amount (and somethings the bonus+deposit amount), before the bonus becomes available for withdrawal. For example, if you see a bonus advertised by the sportsbook as having 5x (five times) the bonus rollover, it means that the player must wager an amount equal to five times the bonus. Let’s say that you have gotten a $100 bonus under those terms, it means that you have to wager $500 before you can withdraw the bonus. In the end, the smaller the rollover the better for the players, since they have to bet less before they can take the bonus money home.

Something else we would like to emphasize is the fact that most often the sportsbook bonuses are calculated based on a percentage of your deposit, rather than an actual dollar amount, while the dollar amount advertised is the maximum bonus you could get. For example, Bovada offers a 50% bonus up to $250, which means that if you deposit $100, you will get $50 extra in free bets, since 50% of $100 is $50. Still, it pays to know the maximum amount you could get. If, for instance, you plan on depositing $1,000, going with Bovada will net you just $250, since this is the maximum bonus amount you could get. On the other side, going with any other sportsbook on the list will give you much more in free money to start with.