US sportsbooks ramp up 2015 NFL Season with bonuses

The start of the 2015 NFL season is less than a week away and if you’ve been on the ropes debating which online sportsbooks to choose for the upcoming football season, now is the time to cash in on your procrastination. The major US friendly sportsbooks have increased their bonus offerings for new players, as it is customary for the season and free bets are abundant all around. For those who missed the action during the football preseason – the rosters are out, along with the odds on the Week 1 NFL games and you can additionally take advantage of the free bonus offers at the sportsbooks. Let’ not waste any more time and dive right in to preview the current bonuses and promotion at the US sportsbooks.

Starting with the highest ranked online sportsbook, Bookmaker is now offering for a limited time a double 50% bonus on your first deposit at the sports betting website, as compared to their usual 15% welcome bonus. First-time customers can collect a 50% match on their deposit at the sportsbook and 50% match at the Bookmaker casino, both promotions capping out at $300 per customer. The casino bonus is optional, so bettors don’t have to worry about it, should they choose to stick with only sports. The roll-over of the sportsbook bonus is set at 10x, but this includes only the deposit, not the deposit+bonus amount, which is great news for folks who like the free money the books give them.

Bovada Sports, another very popular US sportsbook, is also jumping on the 50% bonus wagon, although their max amount top out at $250 (but on the flipside, casino players there can get up to $3,000). The bonus roll-over at this online sportsbook is only 5x, but this is based on deposit+bonus combined, so pretty much on par with the rollover requirements of the recommended sportsbooks. Bovada, however, is known for offering some of the highest number of betting options on the NFL games, certainly a plus for those who like to venture off the beaten path with their wagers.

If you like to deposit less and get more for your money, GTBets is the top choice for the start of the 2015 NFL season. The sportsbook which takes US players is promoting 100% match on your first deposit, up to $250 or an alternative 50% match up to $500. But the higher football bonus comes with higher rollovers – 10x deposit+ bonus amount, which is a bit over the average, but in return, you get to enjoy a much larger monetary bonus, as well. At the end of the day, the choice is yours – whether you want to get the maximum free cash or the lowest possible sportsbook rollover.

Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks point spread

The long anticipated 2014/2015 NFL season opener is just a few days away, NFL Week 1 will start with the Thursday football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks and today we will take a look at the latest betting numbers posted by the sportsbooks, particularly the point spread on the Green Bay vs Seattle game.

The current NFL Champions, Seattle Seahawks will have the oportunity to begin this new season at home, although facing the ever-tough opponents in the face of the Green Bay Packers. This has certainly been taken into account by the sportsbooks and currently at the popular betting website Bookmaker, we have the Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks point spread at -5.5 chalk the Seahawks. Comparing the posit spread with another US sportsbook, 5Dimes, we find the Seattle Seahawks even smaller favorite to cover the spread at just -5 points. The current odds there are -235 on the Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers are value at +195 to deliver an upset in the NFL Week 1 opener. Keep in mind that these are a rather early spreads and odds, and they are bound to change as the bettors finally start to put in their money, after a few months of no action.

Use the menu to the right to see the point spread and odds on the rest of the Week 1 NFL games.

Best USA sportsbook for withdrawal and payout

One of the main features players are looking in a US sportsbook is the withdrawal or the payouts the betting site offers. But you don’t have to sacrifice and you can get a top quality USA sportsbook while still have the best withdrawal options. When we talk about US-friendly sportsbooks, the withdrawal options are rather limited – you can either get a P2P transfer, a check or a draft. And with most sportsbooks, not all of those withdrawal options are available. So, which are the best US sportsbooks for withdrawal?

The best overall without doubt is Bookmaker, which offers all of the three payout options noted above. The best part is that withdrawals are very fast, you can get your P2P transfer the next day or if you request a check, you can get it as fast as 2 days. The only “problem” is that check payouts are limited to $2,500, but the sportsbook also offers drafts for amounts greater than $10,000. BetDSI, which is part of the Bookmaker group, but a separate entity altogether, also offers the same options. Another great sportsbook that accepts US players is 5Dimes. While they only offer P2P and check withdrawal, they both arrive very fast, within 2 business days, and checks could be requested for amounts as high as $4K.

As you can see, there are plenty of options if you are looking for the best USA sportsbook for withdrawals. The amounts are very high, the speed is super fast, even by Euro books standards and you will still bet at the most recommended sportsbooks on the internet. Those above are just the top 3 betting sites, you can find more quality US sportsbook on our home page, although the rest will not pay as fast, but will still pay you your winnings, something very important this day and age.

Recommended USA Sportsbooks

If you are a beginner US bettor and are looking for a sportsbook to bet on the NFL, NBA or any other sport, chances are that you’d be asking to recommend USA sportsbooks. Even though these days it’s very hard for the betting sites to make timely payments and offer plenty of depositing options, there are literally thousands of online sportsbooks that advertise that they accept US players. Needless to say, if you visit our home page and see the recommended USA sportsbooks you will quickly find that you can count the good sportsbooks on just one hand!

See the recommended USA sportsbooks on our home page

So, how do we go about recommending a sportsbook that takes US players? Surely we don’t just write a bunch of names on pieces of paper, throw them in a hat and pick a few. If you browse some other “review websites” you may think that this is how it works, but experienced bettors know very well that our recommend list, while short, is comprised only of the best online sportsbooks, period. And we are 100% confident that the names we have listed as recommended USA sportsbooks are the top representatives of the internet sports betting industry.

There are many factors we consider (and, no, payment is not one of them), but the ones that appear to be universally important to all USA players looking for a great sportsbooks include: payments, customer service, odds and history. The payment methods (deposit and withdrawals) and their speed seem to be the most important factor when people are looking to recommend USA sportsbook; most bettors are even willing to sacrifice odds for better payment methods, although with our recommendations, you really don’t have to. People want to have a hassle-free way to fund their betting account and want to get their winnings and payouts fast and without jumping through hoops or bounced checks. And can you blame them?! That’s why the sportsbooks taking US players we have recommended at the top of the list are those that pay fast and without issues.

As noted earlier, some people have no problem not getting the best odds in order to get their winnings on time. But with the betting sites we have listed on our home page – you don’t have to compromise between the two. Of course, some of them will offer better odds, just read the reviews and decide for yourselves which features at the most important. And let’s not forget the customers service. The forums are full of snippets of live chats with CS agents that are downright ridiculous, so a recommended USA sportsbook should be at the top of its game when it comes to taking care of its customers.

In a nutshell, the USA sportsbook suggestions on our website are not numerous, but if you veer from that list – we guarantee that you will have issues within a few months after you sign up with a US sportsbook not recommended by us. It’s not a threat or a way to fear-monger, but a simple fact. Just pick a USA sportsbook we recommend (or two), open an account and bet with confidence. And while you’re waiting for your bets to be graded – do some googling about those other sportsbooks not suggested by us and read the horror stories…

Football Season Sportsbook Bonuses

The start of the 2014-2015 football season is upon us and many US players are looking for the biggest bonuses the sportsbooks offer for the NFL season. While the bonuses are great for every bettor at the sportsbook, people who are looking to bet the long term NFL season know that a decent size free bonus would hep them tremendously to increase their bankroll and enlarge their winnings, using what is basically the sportsbook’s money.Here is the current list of big bonuses for the NFL season offered by the best sportsbooks for USA players:

100% NFL Kick-Off Bonus at Bookmaker – while this popular US sportsbook offers a very large sign-up bonus for new cstomers (up to $2,500) it is based on 15% match of your first deposit. The current football season bonus, however, will let you double your deposit right away. The maximum bonus you can get is $300 and keep in mind that the rollover is 20x the bonus, but as noted below, one should have no problem covering it, if betting the NFL season long-term.

100% at GTBets for new customers – if you’ve been on the prowl for another betting site to add to your portfolio before the start of the football season and want to get a nice bonus for doing so, you can’t go wrong with GTBets. This USA sportsbook is now offering 100% match on your first deposit up to $250 or 50% bonus up to $500, you can choose either one, depending on the size of your planned bankroll. And the best part is not only that you’d have a nice chunk of free bonus money to possibly increase your unit size, but that the rollover on this bonus is just at 5x.

Double Rewards Football Special at 5Dimes – one of the most trusted US sportsbooks is bringing their double-reward promotion for the start of the NFL season this year, you can take advantage of this offer only until Sept. 8th. Customers of the sportsbook can now get double percentage on Sportsbook Free-Plays for Re-Ups made through the qualifying deposit methods or receive double 10% Extra Cash Reward when depositing using the qualifying deposit methods within 24 hours of an applied cashback. Check with the sportsbook for this NFL bonus reward promotion.

We always recommend that bettors take advantage of the promotions the betting sites offer for the start of the football season, even if some of the rollover requirements could be higher than the average bonus. As long as you plan of betting the NFL for the entire season, those rollovers are easy to cover and the size of the bonus definitely justifies them. Of course, not all football season bonuses will have big rollovers, but in general they are more for existing players than what you’d expect for a sign-up bonus or promotion.