Sportsbook Withdrawal – the verification process and documents requested

Players new to the world of online sportsbooks are often surprised to learn that there is a stringent verification process required when they submit their first withdrawal request. Many people are asking “The sportsbook sand a request for documents when I tried to withdraw winnings, what should I do?”. Of course, those who have taken the time and read the terms and conditions of the sportsbook would be aware of the verification process, but many new players omit this important piece of legal documentation and are unaware of the process. Here we will explain how the withdrawal verification works and what documents are often requested by the sportsbooks, not only for US players, but also applying to bettors worldwide.

First, let’s begin with what exactly is the payout verification and a brief overview of the process. Opening an account with an online sportsbook is easy and so is depositing, all you need is your depositing method information and the money are available to you to wager right away. But when it’s time to make your first withdrawal from the sportsbook – the customer service first requires that you send certain documents that basically prove that you are who you say you are.This is a standard procedure implemented by all online sportsbooks, so there is really nothing to be concerned about, unless you have broken the rules in some way, like using a false identity, for example. It’s just something that all sportsbooks require and the good part is that the verification process is required to be completed just once, when you make your first withdrawal.

When some players are first faced with the withdrawal requirements they are quite worried – after all they didn’t have to verify anything when they deposited money to their player account, why is the sportsbook asking for all those documents when it’s time to withdraw? The raw truth is that for the sportsbook there was no risk of losing money, up to the point when you submitted your payout request. You can lose money and be a legit player or you can lose money and use fake credentials – no money is lost for the sportsbook in either case. But when it comes to sending money, the sportsbooks make sure you are who you say you are. It’s all about risk management in this case.

Documents requested by the sportsbook

The player ID verification process upon first withdrawal from the sportsbook involves in most cases sending it copies of certain documents. A copy of a drivers license or an ID, as well as a couple of recent utility bills with your name and address are often the standard documents the online sportsbooks as for. If the player has used credit cards to deposit money to the sportsbook account, some companies may require a signed credit card verification form, as well, which is provided by the sportsbook. If you have submitted your first payout request, it’s better and faster to simply have those copies ready, because you will get the email requesting the documents as part of the verification process. You can find exactly which documents are required as part of the player identity verification by simply visiting your sportsbook and going to the terms and conditions of payouts.Once the documents have been submitted, it may take a couple of days for the verification process to be completed and your payout will be sent. Again, once you have completed the player ID verification, the sportsbooks will not ask you to do it again.

Under spacial circumstances, the sportsbook may request additional documents, but beware of some online sportsbooks that take it to a whole new level. There have been a few questionable sportsbooks lately that have been asking for BS like players taking pictures while holding their ID to their face and all kinds of other insane requests. If you’ve got such emails from your sportsbook – you landed at a rogue one – run away! No customer should every be submitted to such demeaning tactics and none of the US sportsbooks we have recommended will ever make you do such things. Something like this should be instantly interpreted as a red flag and you should clear away from sportsbooks having similar verification processed.