Super Bowl Sportsbooks

Super Bowl time is upon us and bettors from all over the world, but mainly from the USA, will flock to the online sportsbooks to place their bets onĀ  the winner of the Super Bowl or to cover the point spread. This makes it the perfect time to broach a subject often ignored by many with dire consequences – the right Super Bowl sportsbook. Something many betting websites don’t want to talk about is the awful track record of the online sports betting industry when it comes to the Super Bowl, namely, the closure of small sportsbooks after the Super Bowl.

It has, unfortunately, turned into a small tradition among the industry watchdogs to see which sportsbook will fold after the Super Bowl. What are the factors leading to this grim event year after year? It’s simple, really. Small sportsbooks with inadequate liquidity and funding will try to limp up to the Super Bowl in hopes that this big betting event will bring them enough cash to continue being in business. To add insult to injury, they will offer insane bonuses and other free bets in order to attract as many customers as possible. And, sadly, a lot of times those sportsbooks will manage to get a lot of customers. But then, it’s very likely that they will take a beating by the bettors and end up with a lot of customers demanding a payout of their winnings and not nearly enough money to cover those payouts. Faced with this type of situation the weak sportsbook will simply fold and close its doors, leaving thousands of US bettors waiting for payouts that will never arrive.

While it is mainly the sportsbook’s management fault for the unfortunate demise, some of the blame must be shouldered by the players, as well. The online sports betting situation in the US is plain ans simple unregulated. As such, extreme caution must be exercised when selecting a sportsbook, since your legal avenues for recouping money from a sportsbook are exactly none. Selecting a sportsbook with great reputation is about as good as it gets. Big sportsbooks with a lot of history behind them and plenty of liquidity should be the only array of choices one should pick from. Don’t be dazzled by big bonus offers, free Super Bowl bets and other non-essential factors. Only select the best and while the odds at some small and unknown betting site may be amazing – stick with the tried and true. You can see the top sportsbooks for US players on our home page. Sportsbooks with plenty of liquidity, stellar reputation and betting sites that will pay out your Super Bowl winnings for many years to come.