Sportsbooks that don’t call you on the phone

Let’s face it, a few things are more annoying than you getting ready to sit at at the table for dinner and the phone rings, just to hear about some sportsbook trying to give you bonuses or asking you to join them. Not unlike the telemarketers of the past, some offshore sportsbooks have taken it to the phones to try to either get deposits from current customers or trying to get you to switch to their new online sportsbook no one has ever heard of or have a proven track of paying the US players.

We personally believe that it may be acceptable in certain scenarios for a sportsbook to call you and let you know about a great bonus offer on an upcoming sporting event, like the Super Bowl, most of the time the calls are, to put it nicely, bothersome. That’s why if you are looking for a sportsbook that won’t call you on the pone at odd hours with annoying offers, check out some of the sportsbooks mentioned below, which accept US payers and don’t call you every week begging for deposits.

Bookmaker must be the best in this situation, since they usually never call their customers unsolicited. Some VIP bettors, as it’s expected, will receive special attention and their personal account manager will call them when really good deals are offered, but in general, you won’t be bothered with phone calls about the smallest little thing that’s happening with the sportsbook. It is also atop of our approved US sportsbooks, this being one of the many reasons it’s there.

5Dimes and Bovada are also pretty good about not cold calling people. Both sportsbooks give the impression that they are too proud to beg people, unlike many other second-tier offshore books. This is great for people who hate answering the phone just to hear some “sportsbook manager” asking them to switch to their unknown sportsbook. Don’t let yourself be bothered by this nuisance, patronize only sportsbooks that care about your time and don’t call you on the phone constantly.