World Cup sportsbook promos

With the FIFA 2014 World Cup competition just days away, the online sportsbooks are ratcheting up the promos, contests and sign-up bonuses to attract more customers to their websites. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of the World Cup promos, considering some lucky players will make out like bandits this summer. Maybe you can be one of them?

To help out with the many things going on for the World Cup tournament this month, we have listed the latest betting offers, promotions and other way the sportsbooks will be giving away money this summer. Simply select one of them or take part in all of them, whatever floats your boat. Here are the current World Cup promos by the best US sportsbooks:

Bookmaker – the sportsbook is running a $20,000 Guaranteed World Cup challenge available to both existing and new players. The objective of the Contest to to accumulate the most points by correctly selecting which two soccer teams will advance out of each of the groups in the World Cup, and then by selecting the winner of each of the knockout stage games in the World Cup including the Final.

The first place winner will snag a $5,000 cash award, the second $3,000 and so on. Note that these are guaranteed prizes, you can see the full list at the betting site, but know that there are 450 of them, so a good chance you can land yourself some of that free money. To enter the contest you can use your reward points or if you are new customer of the sportsbook, you can buy a $10 entry, if you don’t have the 2,000 points needed to enter the pool.

GTBets – this sportsbook has an array of betting offers for the 2014 World Cup, both for new and existing customers. We are going to look at each and then talk about World Cup offers available for all customers, new and current.

Starting with the existing customers – Existing players with bonus level 10% and up – will get a free $20 World Cup Future Bet on the Team To Win. There are also two re-up promos at the sportsbook for the USA games in the World Cup. For the USA – Portugal game and the USA – Germany game, existing players with bonus level of 10% and up can double their standard re-up bonus on one deposit.

New customers of GTBets can get a free $10 World Cup Bet after initial deposit of any amount has been completed. Must be claimed by the player through customer support with promo code: $20WORLDCUP. Once the tournament starts, the free $20 bet offer will change from a Future To Win, to a Free $10 3-way wager on any particular World Cup game that the player chooses. Once they make their initial deposit, they then need to contact support with the option (USA, Ghana, or Draw for example for the June 16th match) that they want the free $10 bet on, and then support will place the wager in their account for them.

Intertops – Promo: get a 20% World Cup match bonus at this US sportsbook. The offer is open to existing customers and in order to claim the World Cup 20% bonus you must send an e-mail to with subject 20% World Cup Bonus after your deposit and the bonus offer will be credited to your account. Note that the maximum bonus you can claim with the World Cup offer is $100 free.