Best USA sportsbook for withdrawal and payout

One of the main features players are looking in a US sportsbook is the withdrawal or the payouts the betting site offers. But you don’t have to sacrifice and you can get a top quality USA sportsbook while still have the best withdrawal options. When we talk about US-friendly sportsbooks, the withdrawal options are rather limited – you can either get a P2P transfer, a check or a draft. And with most sportsbooks, not all of those withdrawal options are available. So, which are the best US sportsbooks for withdrawal?

The best overall without doubt is Bookmaker, which offers all of the three payout options noted above. The best part is that withdrawals are very fast, you can get your P2P transfer the next day or if you request a check, you can get it as fast as 2 days. The only “problem” is that check payouts are limited to $2,500, but the sportsbook also offers drafts for amounts greater than $10,000. BetDSI, which is part of the Bookmaker group, but a separate entity altogether, also offers the same options. Another great sportsbook that accepts US players is 5Dimes. While they only offer P2P and check withdrawal, they both arrive very fast, within 2 business days, and checks could be requested for amounts as high as $4K.

As you can see, there are plenty of options if you are looking for the best USA sportsbook for withdrawals. The amounts are very high, the speed is super fast, even by Euro books standards and you will still bet at the most recommended sportsbooks on the internet. Those above are just the top 3 betting sites, you can find more quality US sportsbook on our home page, although the rest will not pay as fast, but will still pay you your winnings, something very important this day and age.