Fast Payout Sportsbooks

Which Sportsbook Sends Payouts Faster?

If you are an US player wagering at the online sportsbooks, chances are fast payouts are very important to you. While all the sportsbooks listed on our website are top notch and will pay you your winnings, truth is that some will send the payouts faster than others. If speed matters to you, we have ranked the sportsbooks by the time it takes to process and send withdrawals to their customers, so choose one that is higher on the list. Also keep in mind that the speed of payout will also depend not just on the online sportsbook chosen, but the withdrawal method, as well. Some payments will be send faster over one withdrawal method compared to another even at the same sportsbook, thus we have noted that, as well. So, which are the fastest payout sportsbooks:

#1 Bookmaker – the most trusted online sportsbook for US players is also the one with the fastest payouts, not much of a surprise here. Thanks to their large liquidity and bankroll, Bookmaker is able to send payouts faster than any of the top sportsbooks catering to the USA bettors. The most popular methods, as well as the speediest, are the P2P transactions, such as Money Gram and Western Union. The processing of the payout request is completed within 24 hours, which is relatively standard for the sports betting industry, although some sportsbooks make take longer. After the withdrawal request has been processed, most people report that the sportsbook will send the money within a business day or two, in the worst case. If you have some experience in dealing with sportsbook payouts you can certainly appreciate the speed. There are some well-advertised sportsbooks that can take literally weeks to send you the money, Bookmaker will do this in two day, in most cases. The sportsbook also offers checks and wires, although those payouts may take up to  week to be received, still much faster than the rest of the sportsbooks. So if you are looking for the sportsbook with the fastest payouts, look no further than Bookmaker.

#2 5Dimes – this is another online sportsbook that will send very fast P2P payouts to it customers. The processing of the withdrawal will take that standard 24 hours for customers who have completed the verification process already and US players report an average time of receiving the money afterward to be about 2 business days, still very fast in comparison with most sportsbooks’ withdrawal timetables. Check payouts are also available with an average time of 1 week to receive and other methods can also be arranged with management for certain players.

As mentioned earlier, the other sportsbooks we have listed on the website will send payouts to customers without issues, although they will not be s fast as the ones noted above. That, of course, doesn’t make them bad sportsbooks by any means and truth is that the majority of US bettors withdraw their winnings at the end of the season of their favorite sport, rather than every week, so really fast payouts are not a requirement. Still, if you are one of the bettors who hate to wait for their winnings – pick one of the top sportsbooks above and you will get the fastest payout possible.

Super Bowl Sportsbooks

Super Bowl time is upon us and bettors from all over the world, but mainly from the USA, will flock to the online sportsbooks to place their bets on  the winner of the Super Bowl or to cover the point spread. This makes it the perfect time to broach a subject often ignored by many with dire consequences – the right Super Bowl sportsbook. Something many betting websites don’t want to talk about is the awful track record of the online sports betting industry when it comes to the Super Bowl, namely, the closure of small sportsbooks after the Super Bowl.

It has, unfortunately, turned into a small tradition among the industry watchdogs to see which sportsbook will fold after the Super Bowl. What are the factors leading to this grim event year after year? It’s simple, really. Small sportsbooks with inadequate liquidity and funding will try to limp up to the Super Bowl in hopes that this big betting event will bring them enough cash to continue being in business. To add insult to injury, they will offer insane bonuses and other free bets in order to attract as many customers as possible. And, sadly, a lot of times those sportsbooks will manage to get a lot of customers. But then, it’s very likely that they will take a beating by the bettors and end up with a lot of customers demanding a payout of their winnings and not nearly enough money to cover those payouts. Faced with this type of situation the weak sportsbook will simply fold and close its doors, leaving thousands of US bettors waiting for payouts that will never arrive.

While it is mainly the sportsbook’s management fault for the unfortunate demise, some of the blame must be shouldered by the players, as well. The online sports betting situation in the US is plain ans simple unregulated. As such, extreme caution must be exercised when selecting a sportsbook, since your legal avenues for recouping money from a sportsbook are exactly none. Selecting a sportsbook with great reputation is about as good as it gets. Big sportsbooks with a lot of history behind them and plenty of liquidity should be the only array of choices one should pick from. Don’t be dazzled by big bonus offers, free Super Bowl bets and other non-essential factors. Only select the best and while the odds at some small and unknown betting site may be amazing – stick with the tried and true. You can see the top sportsbooks for US players on our home page. Sportsbooks with plenty of liquidity, stellar reputation and betting sites that will pay out your Super Bowl winnings for many years to come.

NFL Sportsbooks or Where to bet on football?

There is no doubt that NFL betting is the most popular activity at the USA-facing sportsbooks. And general, football betting is by far outweighing all other sports at the sportsbooks. With so much interest from players in the United States ever year, no wonder so many online sportsbooks try to win over their business and, unfortunately, like everything else in life, where there is plenty of money, there is plenty of rogue entities just looking to make a quick buck. So if you plan to bet on football this season, today we’ll recommend the best NFL sportsbooks.

Believe it or not, the state of the industry in such shape these days, especially for the online sportsbooks welcoming players from the US, that even experienced online bettors are wondering every year where to bet on football. A bettor may know his (or her) NFL teams, bets, etc. quite well, but that doesn’t mean that they keep up with what;s going on with the offshore sports betting industry. Some have played at a sportsbook for a couple of years and all of a sudden – the book is gone and they are left searching for another out for the NFL season. Things are much worse for people who are betting online on football for the first time – having absolutely no idea where to start. This is the reason we have selected the top NFL sportsbooks here. This is a definitive list of the best online sportsbooks for NFL, betting websites which have been in operation for over a decade and have built a reputation envied by the rest. Now, there are other sportsbooks that take US players, but be warned – the NFL sportsbooks listed here are as good as it gets and if you decide to go with a different betting site, know what you getting yourself into. After all, the NFL season is a long one.

Best online sportsbooks for NFL season

#1 Bookmaker (Bookmaker Review or Website) – We have ranked this sportsbooks, which welcomes players from USA, best not only for NFL wagers, but overall, as well. This is truly a solid offshore sportsbook with an enormous bankroll. As we know, NFL season is a long one, most people will place bets all season long, thus the liquidity of the sportsbook is very important. Bookmaker is well-known for being the “sportsbook with the most money”. Bettors get paid and they get paid fast, without any fuss, unlike many other “popular” online sportsbooks. Sure, if you plan on placing a few small bets on a couple of NFL games you can pick any of the hundred offshore sportsbooks and if you don’t get paid – you didn’t lose much. But if you want to build a bankroll betting the football games this season, including Super Bowl, you better pick a sportsbook that is financially stable.

But liquidity is not the only factor that makes Bookmaker the best sportsbooks for NFL betting. The football odds here are competitive (not only on NFL but college football, too). Plenty of betting options are available, besides the standard odds – money line, point spread and totals. There are a lot of NFL prop bets, too. Another big plus for Bookmaker is that it allows for some of the largest NFL bets among the online sportsbooks. Players make 5-digit bets on the NFL games regularly and the best part is – you not going to be limited just because you win your football bets. For beginners this may not mean squat, but many bettors know the sad feeling of seeing your bet limits plummet after you won a few good size football bets. To summarize, we believe Bookmaker is the best online sportsbook for NFL because they are financially sound, offer plenty of football betting options, good NFL odds, large bets and won’t limit your bet size for being a winner. In a word – perfect, if you want to know where to bet on football this season.

#2 5Dimes (5Dimes Review or Website) – this is another offshore sportsbook that has been around since the early age of the Internet. The 5Dimes sportsbook is also a very financially sound betting website and it holds an edge over Bookmaker when it comes to the NFL odds – reduced juice. The NFL lines at 5Dimes are much better, since the book chooses to reduce the vig they take, giving more in terms of payout to the football bettor. Unfortunately, 5Dimes tends to limit smart bettors, mainly those who wager big money and get into a winning streak. This is why we have placed 5Dimes lower on our list of recommended sportsbook for NFL betting. Recreational bettors or those who are not on a winning streak shouldn’t worry, and even though limits are not exactly a sure thing, but we should warn you that limiting your football bets is a possibility with this offshore sportsbook. But other than that, the book is top notch, pays fast and charges less for payouts than Bookmaker. Which of the two you prefer is up to you, although opening an account at both is also a good idea.

We could add a couple more online sportsbooks to recommend for NFL betting, but we feel that the best are noted above. There should be no reason for anyone to look for any other sportsbooks this NFL season – both Bookmaker and 5Dimes offer easy depositing options, fast and certain withdrawals and good football betting odds. If you are wondering where to bet on football, the two sportsbooks we talked about are the best choice.

Legit Sportsbooks for USA

Some may think that the question of legit online sportsbooks for USA would come from bettors new to the online sports betting world (or beginner bettors overall), unfortunately this question is being asked most often by players who had bad experiences with rogue sportsbooks. As many of you looking for legit sportsbook online for USA players know, there is a large number of bad (even rogue) betting sites. And the legit sportsbooks could be counted on one hand, we are sad to report.

If you visit our home page where we list the top sportsbooks for US players you can easily see that the options are not many. We can honestly call very few sportsbooks for USA “legit” and you will find this small list on the home page. What is a legit sportsbook? For the majority of bettors a legit online sportsbook is simply one that would pay, pay on time and pay without giving you hard time. You would think that all online sportsbooks should adhere to this basic principle, alas not many do. Since the sports betting websites are not regulated by any US authority, it’s hard to pursue any legal action against them, should problems arise. That’s why we always give reputation a top priority, when we consider sportsbooks for US players to be added to our recommended list. As you can see for yourself from the tiny list we’ve got, not many USA-friendly sportsbooks enjoy stellar reputation.

But don’t let regulations alone be the focal point, in Europe, where online gambling is licensed and regulated, there are just as many rogue sportsbooks, if not more than those welcoming USA customers. Regulation alone doesn’t help and doesn’t automatically mean that the sportsbook is legit. What you need is reputation among the internet betting community and that reputation is built over many years, not overnight. Unfortunately for many countless USA players, the list of legit sportsbooks was created with their help, when they have used rogue online sportsbooks and have shared their awful experiences.

So if you want to find legit online sportsbook for USA, the few left are listed on our main page. We can assure you right now, if a sportsbook is not listed there, don’t consider it legit. Chances are very good that that particular sportsbook has mistreated players in the past (or may be doing it currently) and we don’t care what your friend, who has an account with them, says. Yeah, some people will be surprised that a bad sportsbook didn’t pay them, since their friend was recommending them and never had a problem…Or they read it on some forum, without realizing that it’s common for rogue sportsbooks to hire fake posters, who in turn will both troll against legit sportsbooks and praise the rogue ones with fake “great experience” threads. So, if you frequent any sports betting forums, keep your eye open for those shills. Bottom line is that we have listed only the legit sportsbooks online which welcome USA customers and you will not be able to find anything better than those few. And if you chose to go with one that is not listed there, for one reason or another, it will be your fault and you can’t blame anyone for not being warned.

Are there American sportsbooks online?

This is yet another frequently asked question we like to tackle, if there are sportsbooks online which are based in the US. The short answer is that at this time there are no real American sportsbooks online. The keyword here is “real” since a recent development in Nevada has seen some of the traditional Las Vegas sportsbooks offering sports betting, but the options are very limited – only residents of Nevada can place bets at those sportsbooks on the internet. While Nevada residents can easily place bets online, residents of other US states are prohibited from opening an account and betting with those sportsbooks.

In addition to the online versions of the Vegas sportsbooks, there is another form of American online sportsbooks (or should we say betting websites) and those are the racebooks. There are a few major players in the American online racebook scene, most notable being TwinSpires, the Louisville Kentucky based racetrack famous for the first leg of the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby. Those American online sportsbooks take only wagers on horse races and while they are legal in the USA to operate, they don’t allow all Americans to bet on horse racing. Depending on the racebook, residents of some states are not allowed to open betting accounts.

Ironically, some of the most popular offshore sportsbooks, while not based in the U.S., are owned by Americans, as far as we know. Bookmaker and 5Dimes are both claimed to be owned by expats, but those sportsbooks are not based in USA, but their entire operations are located in Central America, hence the offshore part.

Will there ever be American online sportsbooks? Sure, as we have already seen, there re the Las Vegas sportsbooks which are moving online. At this time limited to just Nevada, which doesn’t really qualify them to be considered US online sportsbooks, but the direction is one for opening their doors to all Americans, or at least for those states which allow some form of gambling, besides the state-sponsored lotteries. Time will only tell how long until we see licensed and regulated Vegas sportsbooks allowing players form other states.