Sportsbook customers unfazed by start of NFL season

The start of the NFL season could be classified as anything but predictable, however the US players at the online sportsbooks are still making pretty good money. The beginning of the football season this year has been rather weird with a few teams failing to match their previous achievements, but bettors at the US sportsbooks are still making good money so far. We have been tracking the overall progress of the general betting community at the top online sportsbooks and for now the bettors are on the positive side of the equation.

The news may come as a surprise to some, considering the results posted by the NFL teams in Week 1, but the reason so many people are still winning, despite the unorthodox results is the point spread. Many NFL teams were struggling in Week 1, but the point spread has been covered rather nicely, giving the majority of the bettors at the US sportsbooks a good start to the NFL season. Therefore we recommend bettors take a good look at the point spreads on the upcoming football games and go with it, rather than betting outright wins and totals. It is clear that for now the point spread is the best bet for the sportsbook customers, so don’t skip that column on your betting slip for the next couple of NFL rounds.